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Online SF Short Fiction. It's good and it's free. Sci-Fiction is the biggest name in the online field, publishing many big name authors (This week's story is by Octavia E. Butler for instance) and winning several awards. (Also check out Swanwick's Periodic Table of Science Fiction while you're there). But there are more sources for good online SF: The Infinite Matrix, Strange Horizons and Infinity Plus (reprints) for instance. And let's not forget that all the print magazines have put their Nebula nominees online (though Analog's stories are coming up as 404s). Let the reading commence!
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Thanks for all the stuff to read, rainking.
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It is indeed a great site. Anyone who hasn't read the classic Light of Other Days should do so now.
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That Octavia Butler story is great. I had Read Please read it to me. But for a real sci-fi hit try this program that's still in development: Rotoscope. It's more a tachistoscope than a rotoscope, but it's pretty damn cool. It flashes text files at you one word at a time at variable rates. You'll find that you can easily read at 400 word per minute and more. Just paste the text, sit back and absorb. Give it about ten pages worth of text at a time, it does balk if you paste in too much. The developer is asking for feedback. I think both programs are PC only.
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Here's a comprehensive list of fantasy and Science Fiction text online from the Hour of the Wolf website. (WBAI/Pacifica's Science Fiction show, just celebrating it's thirty-first anniversary of pre-dawn SF radio)
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Wow, that's great—thanks, gametone!
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Infinite Matrix, I know of course but may I once again point out
Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
in its unabridged entirety.
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