Hollywood Walk of Fame
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The Hollywood Walk of Fame gives Suzanne Somers (of "Three's Company" and ThighMaster fame) her own star. Did you know that there's a fee to get a star? $15,000 is the going price of being having a star, evidently.
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You can also e-mail a fan letter to the Hollywood sign on the site. (I know of no other sign with its own e-mail address.)

I treasure my photo of myself with Roger Corman's star. That is all.
posted by Vidiot at 6:32 PM on January 25, 2003

I believe there are yearly maintenance fees as well, something to the effect of $5,000 per year. If you walk down Hollywood Boulevard, you can pretty clearly see who is behind on their payments. :)
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This is shameless advertising for the Thighmaster. Aren't we bombarded by enough ads? Get this off Metafilter now.
posted by Stan Chin at 7:34 PM on January 25, 2003

Their star directory lists astronaut Buzz Aldrin in the TV category. Perhaps he was honored with a star not for that moon thing, but rather his role in "Boy in the Plastic Bubble."
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I really felt she didn't get the credit she deserved for "She's the Sheriff".

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This just cheapens and demeans the the whole process of stars buying themselves meaningless awards...I mean, isn't that what her agent is for?

Me, I'm waiting for Thighmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time.
posted by filmgoerjuan at 8:27 PM on January 25, 2003

I think people can sign up to "care" for the star on the walk, takes upkeep.
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Q: Can someone who is deceased be nominated?

A: Yes. One posthumous award is given each year.
It must be grisly when they exhume the corpse, so they can press its skeletal fingers or moldering lips into the wet cement.
posted by Slithy_Tove at 9:08 PM on January 25, 2003

Wait, that's not the Walk of Fame, that's Grauman's Chinese Theater Forecourt. Oopsie.
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I live in L.A., and very rarely I end up walking Hollywood Blvd, (usually when I'm dragging a tourist/guest around town), and what's stunning is how many of these stars are COMPLETE unknowns. Absolutely nobodies. Imagine Suzanne Summers, but then dial it down by 7 or 8 notches, and you'd be about right. And the vast qty is innundating. It's not just one or two whodats, but a good percentage of the whole, star after star of names like "Slippy McGee" or "Frances O'Houlihan" (okay, I made those last two up, but still, it's names JUST like that, I swear). I guess what I'm saying is that having a lame ass star ain't the immortality it's cracked up to be.
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The other thing that you can't get a feel for unless you actually go there is the overwhelming stench of urine and vomit as you search for your favorite celebrity star.
Hollywood is naaasty.
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And kind to its residents - tonight they're shutting down several city blocks around the intersection of Hollywood & Highland so that Coldplay can do a concert promoting Jimmy Kimmel's new show. I mean, we expect this kind of thing in Manhattan/Times Sq, but Los Angeles just isn't equipped to lose major arteries, our traffic sucks badly enough as it is.
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I had a small speaking part in Gleaming the Cube. Maybe I'll buy myself a star next time I have $15,000 to spare.
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I had a small speaking part in Gleaming the Cube. Maybe I'll buy myself a star next time I have $15,000 to spare.
Somehow reminded me of this Simpson's quote.
Troy: One day, my lady Selma's gonna have a star right next to mine, so watch out... Laszlo Panaflex.
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 12:36 PM on January 27, 2003

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