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Found Magazine is worth a look. It documents the detrital scraps of our modern lives, found in gutters, break-room bulletin boards and under car windshields. All pieces are reader submitted, and some are of suspect authenticity. Sublime, simply sublime... PS. Page me later
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We've seen this before, but I'm glad to be reminded.
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ah... search was timing out "since day one"... so I only searched for the last year... apologies

If you like the mag... pick up a paper copy of it at your newsstand of choice. There are some amazing "nuances" (and content, for that matter) that aren't on the website.
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Darn you, cadastral. A friend introduced me to Found a little while ago and I was thinking the other day what a great (re-)post it would make. Could you not leave me "Page me later" to assuage my grief?

Here's my newest favorite. (Be sure to click and see it open.)
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I found a disturbing note outside the Star Tribune newspaper back when I worked there and sent it to Found. It seems to be someone's note reprimanding himself or herself for habits he/she has.

It says: "Quit saying 'OK' and 'ya' and putting hand up to mouth. Quit saying 'stuff.' Quit squinting. Play with each bite of food before eating it like my dad did. And 'what not.'"

Every time I think of it, I get this chilling image of this troubled person fighting their own internal wars over these tiny quirks.
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Sorry, couldn't resist a few more highlights.
"Crossing the Delaware" (the caption really makes it.)
"You Can Fly!"
"That Box"
"Jazz Hands"

Alas, my favorite found writing doesn't qualify, as I don't have the original. This poem (song lyrics?) was scrawled in the margin of my 10th-grade driver's ed book:

Time--don't let it slip away
raise yo drinkin glass--
Here's to yesterday
In time we're going to
trip away
Don't piss heaven off--
we get Hell to pay

I've always thought it was interesting that "Hell" is capitalized and "heaven" is not.
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Since this was last posted, the Ypsilanti All-Starz have become legendary to my friends and I. The lyrics are sublime...the way "dddaaaaaaaamn" fills in for forgotten lines...sheer brilliance. Check the audio section, you won't regret it.
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That's from an Aerosmith song. (No, I didn't know that. I guessed it wasn't original and googled it.)
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Oops. I just added this to this thread, while working my way up the page, because I was reminded of it by the "lost and found" reference. I wouldn't have bothered if I'd gotten up to this point and seen this thread. cadastral, that wasn't what inspired you to post it, was it?
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Ah. Thanks, jpoulos. I'm a bit disappointed that it's not original (though I suspected it wasn't, which is why I never googled it myself). I am, however, consoled by the discovery of a nearby piece of grafitti:

"I Hate the Mayonnaise Boy Rules!"
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Some related sites y'all might be interested in. I might have come across these in the original thread though...
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Royal Journal of Found Art
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