The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network
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The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network Live in Washington or Oregon? Felt a little rumble recently (like I did)? Want to see if it was an earthquake? You can even check out the live seismographs, including some on Mt. St. Helens.
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A world-wide map and chart of recent significant earthquake information is also available at the USGS National Earthquake Information Center.
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Forensic seismology and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty at Lawrence Livermore Labs. Explosions lack the large, delayed shear waves associated with earthquakes: Indian nuclear test, 1998 (measuring 4.7). A little more on the Indian test and problems with CTBT seismic monitoring at physicsweb.
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very helpful real-time earthquake map of SF-bay region (from USGS) that i often run to when wondering if the floor was really moving--or if i was just crazy drunk.
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Haven't felt any earthquakes north of Portland at this point. . . but to tangent off for a sec, I've been lately listening to the Portland, OR and SeaTac Air Traffic controllers online, providing some bizarre backdrop to my writing and designing late at night.

Now I know its not really related, but I figured now we're half way to being able to monitor any major disaster in the Pacific Northwest via the web.
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There was a "swarm" (over 28 quakes) near San Ramon, CA today... I'm about fifteen miles away, and only felt the largest one (4.2).
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