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Oyez oyez oyez! Northwest University's "Oyez Project" is a database of media related to the U.S. Supreme Court, and it contains a mind-boggling amount of fascinating information Be warned, though, that it may suck up hours of your time (as it just has of mine)
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<img height="1" width="1" src="http://www.doublefelix.com/Mapping/graphic.aspx" />

Which is this. It also sets a cookie.
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If you would like to help out with this mapping project, please add the code below into your website. This will add an invisible image, but will add the locations of your users (no other information is recorded) to our map
[from the site at the above link]

Very neat. I don't like the idea very much, but neat.
Rhyax, did you mean to post this here? Were you working in another window and cut-and-pasted to your mefi one? Enquiring minds would like to know.

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Sorry to continue the derailment, but I don't like that the above link was connected to a marketing consulting agency. Are we being market tested?
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MetaTalk thread (please continue discussion there)

The website the graphic comes from just uses normal web technologies to determine someone's approximate location, and plots that location on a map. (There's an explanation on the site.) I just got the silly idea of including the graphic in the next MeFi post I made. It was a dumb move on my part, if for no other reason than that it created a self-derailing thread. Sorry, everyone.
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