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Tour Egypt. "Egypt is an exciting country, both for its antiquities, and modern high culture. Tour Egypt is an Egypt guide with over 10,000 pages of information about every aspect of travel, ancient and modern Egypt." Two of my favorite links are the Hieroglyph Converter and Ikhernofret's Description of the Osiris Passion Play at Abydos. The current feature is about the Monastery of Jeremiah at Saqqara . Actually, quite a nice resource.
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A longtime favorite, though their site navigation leaves a little something to be desired (click on "Master Index" for a less chaotic view).

My friend Marie Parsons has written a few things for them.
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Joey Michaels: This is a really nice post, and it's unfortunately not getting the attention it deserves.

I appreciate your effort, and the links that you've provided.

Well done.
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Thanks, hama7. Alas, I had figured since it had no social, political or pop culture references that it wouldn't get that much discussion.
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Doesn't mean it's not being read, Joey--great post!
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Very late to the party, but I thought anyone looking through this discussion might find this - which is dedicated to the research going on in the Valley of the Kings - interesting.

I went to Egypt in September - you've brought back happy memories!
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