Rent My Chest
February 3, 2003 2:30 PM   Subscribe, through an arrangement with Geek Stud Magazine, offers "bustomers" the opportunity to advertise on Chris Perillo's chest for the low, low price of $20.00. Arrangements may be made for a female chest for just $2000. Operators standing by!!!
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Where do you get the $2000 figure? Whatever, man... The best part of the site is the quotes.
posted by psychotic_venom at 2:49 PM on February 3, 2003

It's right there in the text.
"One message per $20.00. Max resolution: 640x480. Price subject to change. I retain the right to refuse any bustomer... what, with me being a nipple pimp and all. Absolutely no refunds. Women's breasts can be made available to you for $2000.00. Subscriptions are also available."
Bottom of the page.
posted by me3dia at 2:59 PM on February 3, 2003

Whoa, there's geek studs out there? And they have a magazine? Wow, my pool of potential seductees has just increased by several orders of magnitude. Geek studs are such the easy lay.
posted by WolfDaddy at 3:05 PM on February 3, 2003

Chris Pirillo is one weird guy. I've been reading his e-mail newsletter for quite some time- it can be a good source of tools and utilities for Windows. Sometimes.

and damn, Gretchen is pretty good looking...
posted by shadow45 at 3:06 PM on February 3, 2003

Chest, schmest. I'd be impressed if Mr. Pirillo were able to post ads on other areas of his body.
posted by Dinzie at 6:01 PM on February 3, 2003

Is anyone else as creeped out as me with the non-scrolling background image of Mr. Pirillo? I keep scrolling and he's still there, just staring! Argh!
posted by botono9 at 7:18 PM on February 3, 2003

Ahem. It was my understanding there would be boobies. I just see tiny ineffectual man-teets. These are not boobies. I would like my money back, please.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 11:10 PM on February 3, 2003

Kind of off-topic, but I didn't see it linked from Pirillo's own webpage, so I figured I might as well go ahead and link to this. Pirillo appears in it.
posted by jimmy at 2:12 PM on February 4, 2003

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