Smokin' Dave's Taxicab Diaries
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Smokin' Dave is the real deal, gents. Smoking like a rusty chainsaw while pulling his Zebra up to the A&P on the corner of Royal and St. Peter in the French Quarter. Holding forth to a drunken Japanese businessman. Smokin' Dave is so macho, he sneers in his sleep.
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kaf, kaf *wheeze*... No thanks, I'll walk.
posted by ubi at 4:27 PM on February 3, 2003

"Yeah, I hit her. [...] I popped this one in the jaw so hard, she fell back onto the hood of some dude's Camaro"


"My God", I told myself. "I think the chick's dead." I kept driving.

Great. Wonderful human being. Real class act.
posted by y6y6y6 at 4:32 PM on February 3, 2003

Yeah, Smokin' Dave is not for the politically correct. You've gotta love him, though.

Even I was a little offended, when he called the businessman a Jap, and the guy was probably Chinese. "Ho" means "good" in Chinese, and the name "Woon Sung" is obviously not Japanese. The guy could have been Korean for all Smokin' Dave knows.

In the missing ... after "Yeah, I hit her," he wrote, "Up to that point, I'd never hit a woman in my life." He is a good guy, but sometimes he gets pushed too far. You can't just take almost killing a female gutter punk out of context.

Just think of it as a bit of true, hardboiled Americana.
posted by son_of_minya at 4:52 PM on February 3, 2003

"Just think of it as a bit of true, hardboiled Americana."

How about if I take him as a racist, bigoted shithead? I don't know you're getting your Americana, but this aint it.
posted by y6y6y6 at 5:04 PM on February 3, 2003

the whole thing smells like a put on.
posted by quonsar at 7:30 PM on February 3, 2003

Funny, he doesn't look twelve...
posted by monkey.pie.baker at 11:14 PM on February 3, 2003

Funny, take a ride in a cab elsewhere in the world, and you might find that Dave is more of a "class act" than you think.
posted by hama7 at 2:46 AM on February 4, 2003

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