Ashleigh Brilliant
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Ashleigh Brilliant's Pot-Shots are sometimes fun, sometimes depressing, but almost always interesting.
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Hey, I remember seeing these in stationery stores around Berkeley. It never quite dawned on me that they were all the work of one person, though - whenever I looked, there were always new ones, and they were always the same sort of clever little postcard things... I never got around to sending one to anyone, but they were fun to read while waiting for the cashier to ring up my stuff.
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Make sure you check out the other 'demotivators' posters (the link from depressing) if you haven't seen them before. The 'meetings' poster would seem to have the ideal motto for MeFi - "None of us is as dumb as all of us", does anyone know the latin?
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Brilliant also is very anti-leafblower, which has earned him a reputation of being somewhat of a crank.
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they used to be printed in the daily newspaper - when my husband and i were dating, he would cut out the sickeningly-sweet ones to woo me. and i was often wooed.
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I think his stuff is pretty bad. He's like the American Nigel Rees and that is not a good thing. Many years ago he wrote to my Dad asking if we could help him in his efforts to compile a list of every Brilliant in existence. Crazy.
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