Mr. Watchword, Wordy for short
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Look and Read offers storylines, songs, video clips and my first introduction to Wordy from this classic BBC School series. As someone who grew up on Sesame Street and Schoolhouse Rock, I found it interesting to see the British equivalent. Plus, it's good campy fun.
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I read somewhere that the model for learning as seen on shows like Sesame Street is not how kids learn. Kids learn through repetition and doing the same thing over and over, like watching Shreck 100 times as anyone with a kid knows they do. Kids need re-enforcement through repetition of an idea for it to stick and the kids shows on TV were too disjointed skipping around.
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You just made my week. It's all coming back...
...Badgers livin' free...
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The dawn of club drug culture.
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The brings a nostalgic tear to my eye, it really does. This and 'Words & Pictures', with the magic pen.
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