Who made you the God of Blackness?
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Come and Be Black for Me. A gentle but pointed personal essay on Black History month. "I am glad February is almost over. It's during this month that everyone is looking for me - or rather, anyone who can come and be black for them."
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"I tell him that Alabama is my homeland."

This was a cute, poignant essay, and something with which my dear friend Shirley Kennedy, who died on MLK day this year, could completely empathize.

Thanks for the link, RJ.
posted by WolfDaddy at 5:16 PM on February 7, 2003

Good stuff.
posted by aeschenkarnos at 5:21 PM on February 7, 2003

great post
posted by philcliff at 7:39 PM on February 7, 2003

I [heart] metafilter. Thanks for the link RJ -- not something you see everywhere.
posted by zpousman at 7:59 AM on February 8, 2003

This link has been posted before, but incase you missed it
a similar theme...

posted by ollybee at 1:50 PM on February 8, 2003

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