My hero is...
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My hero is... found in a series of essays. Maybe we can learn from the lives of each other's heroes. Somewhere is a mention of yours. Where? (Comic and game characters, gyros and other sandwiches need not apply.)
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This reminds me of countless happy hours studying Childcraft, from World Book encyclopedia, which had 2 wonderful volumes about inventors and philosophers and adventurers and scientists.
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Great post. You brought me out of a long absence of commenting to share my gratitude. I wish I had more to say, but I'll be too busy reading the material.
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Mine =

Carl Sagan

Martin Luther King Jr.

Teddy Roosevelt

Professor Julius Sumner Miller

Mother Jones

Margarat Sanger

That guy standing in front of the line of tanks on Tiananmen Square

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Professor Julius Sumner Miller is more than a hero. He's a god. ("Why is it so?!")
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Someone's selection. Quite an interesting collection.
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I've been thinking about this since the post (actually before the post as another thread made it a hot topic). I was in the middle of reading a book on the history of salt and, because of that, would have to go with Gandhi as my current no 1.
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