Kitschy Paperbacks About Nurses In Love
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Playing Doctors And Nurses Often Requires Loving Patients. Not to mention a high level of kitsch-resistance. Here's a delightful collection of nurse-obsessed penny-dreadfuls from the engaging Tiny Pinneapple weblog, complete with covers and zippy, erotocally charged made-to-order blurbs: "It was fortunate that Portugal had always held a strong attraction for Nigel Baxter, for otherwise she might not have agreed to her uncle Evan's request that she give up her vacation plans in order to take on a case there. Evan Baxter was one of David Wycherly's doctors, and since Mr. Wycherly had suffered a leg fracture while vacationing at his home in Estoril, Dr. Baxter felt that Nigel could care for him and at the same time fulfill her wish to see Portugal."
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Erotocally, of course, conforms to the new Jamie's ortographical standard. ;)
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"Surgery is no life for a woman." Ann Kenyon had heard that sentence since her childhood, but she'd struggled toward her goal with determination, concentrating only on her work, too busy to think of men . . . And now, an able and respected surgeon, she was learning for the first time in her life what it meant to be a woman. To be in love, to be in doubt, to fight the turmoil of emotion that rose within her, clouding her mind even as she held a scalpel in her hands."

This is PRECISELY why I refuse to have women operate on me.

And thank you Miguel, for this post gives me a chance to ask a question that has long troubled me: what exactly is a Hot Nurse Job?
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Paging Dr. Cardoso nsfw!
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This has put a huge smile on my face... thanks Miguel.
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