Internet radio revisited
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"There was one streaming radio site that I loved, but it's fallen on hard times." Back in June 2001, MeFi members discussed their favorite on-line radio broadcasts. Since then, the CARP ruling meant hard times for a lot of Internet broadcasts. Out of all the stations listed in the original thread, which ones have survived? Find out inside.
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Alive and kicking: Among the Dead:
  • BlueMars
  • Chillambience
  • echo
  • Fat Free Radio
  • The Farm Report
  • Fresh Air (site is up, but link to stream is 404)
  • Jpopstop
  • l'audible
  • laudanum (at least, I can't find a link to their stream, if it's still up)
  • Monkey Radio
  • all-Moxy Fruvous channel
  • ("mfh streams are temporarily down | looking for bandwidth donations")
  • Neurofunk
  • ORANG (hacked!)
  • Phishcast (site is still there, but stream doesn't seem to work)
  • Radio Mafia
  • Rare Music
  • Sonicnet
  • TagsTranceTrip
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So, the first post in the original thread ended with a question: "What streams do you listen to during your long work days?"

What new stations have you discovered since then?
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I'm still listen to Secret Agent Man Radio once a week.
posted by Stan Chin at 1:00 PM on February 12, 2003

I think monkeyradio is back..perhaps you need an 'undead' category...
posted by freebird at 1:06 PM on February 12, 2003

I always forget to listen to Dr. Cosmo on WPRB's stream, but I heartily recommend him, and a lot of their other programming.

Does anyone know of a good Japanese pop/rock stream? Like actually from Japan? I keep finding dead ones, or short recorded programs, not terribly satisfying...
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 1:08 PM on February 12, 2003

I'm listening to streams from Struggling financially, but a growing listener base, according to the "radioioguy" Mike.
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I'll second KEXP and WXDU...of course, I have friends that do shows on those stations.
KDHX is also great.
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RadioParadise is great consistently. Except when they play David Byrne. I can't stomach him. They kinda do this thing on RadioParadise where its a stream of consciousness relating each song progressively, but with music or sumthin'. RadioNova is good too for ambient techno-beat-whatever.
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Monkey Radio is back indeed, and he's doing an interesting survey of his listeners. He wants everyone to send in a list of all the albums they bought because of his radio station - tracks you liked, artists you'd never heard of, etc. He's trying to prove to the RIAA that net radio stations actually cause people to (gasp) go out and buy music!

Also apparently all the tracks he plays are from CDs he owns, which is pretty uncommon, I'd imagine.
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For those of you who like typical NPR programming, both WBUR and WGBH in Boston still have live streams.
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Oh, excellent! I didn't know Monkey Radio had moved to a .org site -- I just checked the old .net link and it wasn't there. Glad to know they're still around.
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well, congrats to both the wxdu (duke univ.) and wxyc (n. carolina) for surviving, but my radio show can no longer be heard online. its depressing, as half my listeners were my around-the-country friends that i met via the internet, travels, and moves. oh well. you can at least look at my playlists and salivate over what might have been.
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Monkeyradio is fantastic. Except in the morning. NEVER EVER LISTEN TO MONKEY RADIO IN THE A.M. You have been warned.
posted by machaus at 1:29 PM on February 12, 2003 has so much good stuff rocks grungy seattle love is tops

and you can always find nice entertainment at:
posted by specialk420 at 1:31 PM on February 12, 2003

Don't forget that the BBC stream all their radio stations, not just Radio 1. Also, I love a bit of Digitally Imported.
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headspace - Tuesdays, 10pm-11pm, PST, KXLU 88.9 FM . highly recommended... lots of delicious sounds like:
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ioMedia's Radioio is among the struggling commercial free streams.
posted by psycht at 1:37 PM on February 12, 2003 is what I listen to when I can get time to relax, but I will certainly be checking out some of those listed above to see if they have streams that will fit down a dial-up connection.
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[this is good]

Thanks webmutant.
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SweetJesus pointed to a link to Sirius Radio in yesterday's turntable thread.These are one of the companies who make satellite radio. I was surprised how good the music was, you can only listen for 20 minutes though, and it only seems to work on IE (on a Mac - dunno bout PC)
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Any decent web programmer looking for a purpose in life could create a really useful internet radio stream directory - all it would need to do is present check boxes for music format, commercial or not, and stream type (mp3, windows media, ogg, real); click submit and it returns a list of urls matching your criteria. A little judicious use of cookies and your selections would be remembered every time you visited.

Or has someone done that already?

It's actually sort of difficult to find internet radio stations you like, and once you do they nearly always require windows media player or real, both of which are hellspawn.
posted by George_Spiggott at 1:55 PM on February 12, 2003

yeah, back in the day when was free i uploaded loads of songs from my cd collection and that was my radio station... it was cool. then they started charging for new signups though existing users didn't have to pay, then they started charging to be listed in the directory, then after this copyright thing there was a $5 dollar monthly charge for everyone. I'm not complaining, I mean I know they are trying to make money so that's cool. But it was nice to have my own personal radio station for a while...
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WBER is not bad. It does vary a bit since some programming comes from high schools but I've discovered some wonderful stuff there. First place I heard KMFDM on the radio as a teen (it's a local station in Rochester NY.)
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Now this is a radio station which has fallen upon hard times.
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I'm starting to think that not one person on metafilter listens to house music.

Proton Radio
posted by cmicali at 2:46 PM on February 12, 2003 media player or real, both of which are hellspawn.

Absolutely agreed. (Plus for some reason I can only receive streaming mp3 through my firewall at work.) God bless Shoutcast.

Does anyone know the pros and cons of the different streaming methods for the streamer? Unfortunately, only a precious few like KEXP and WFMU seem to be able to afford multiple streams...
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I bouce back and forth between Radio Paradise and RadioIO. I used to love them, but that's dimished due to some minor annoyances.

Radio Paradise plays too much reggae for me, and they both do the clever gimmick where they'll play, say, a Beatles song, and back it up with a Beatles cover. It's fun once in a blue moon, but they do it a couple of times a week. They both also stick to the same playlists, so they're ruts, just alternative ruts. RadioIO plays Elvis Costello's "Spooky Girlfriend" about 100 times a week, and not any of his other cool lesser-known songs.

Jeez, maybe the annoyances are not so minor. I still like both stations, and I've picked up on some cool music from both of them.
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i would highly reccomend winamp, if you are still using windows media player or real, built in shoutcast browsing, (which is what you were looking for George_Spiggott) a low profile runtime, and more skins, plug-ins and extras than you can shake a stick at.
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basement audio.
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This thread is a keeper. Thanks.
posted by iconomy at 7:34 PM on February 12, 2003

I am totally bookmarking this thread for future reference. Thanks!

Preview: what iconomy said.
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I'll guess that most people here know the great multi-genre indie freeform station WFMU, but its website has added some cool features lately. Most DJs' shows for the past few years are archived online -- literally thousands of hours of shows -- and you can search their playlists for specific artists or songs. So you might discover a show from July 2002 that played your favorite obscure band, and you can listen to the whole shift and hear what else that same DJ played. (And then listen to other shifts by that DJ, get some new favorite bands, find other DJs who also played your new favorite band, etc.) Hours of multiple-forking-paths fun.
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For good so-called roots & alt-country music, you can't listen to Sisyphus Tracks for free anymore (tho' it still exists), so your best bet is WNCW, one of the coolest (non-classical) music-centered NPR stations anywhere. In this genre, sometimes TwangCast is good (and it's free).
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(Incidentally, WFMU is totally supported by listener donations and semi-annual record fairs. Its DJs are volunteers, and it doesn't get any cash from advertisers, the government, or a university. Considering that it's both a terrestrial radio station and a high-traffic website, its bills are high. If you like it, making a donation during its annual early-spring marathon is a good thing.)
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Si vous goutez du francais and are not afraid of French house and techno, Radio FG - a techno radio station from France broadcasting in both FM and the web, makes up for an interesting listen.
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My radio station, rip-off radio, is still on the air, and has been off and on for around 6 years.
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There's a fun eclectic electro net radio station called In Perpetual Motion. They've been doing it for years, and even though they focus on darker, gothy, very Germanish types of music, the atmosphere is quite... errm... light hearted and goofy. Good stuff all around.

There are archived shows dating back 2 years and they broadcast live every Friday (well, somtimes Saturday) night.
posted by deathofme at 8:19 PM on February 14, 2003

for those of you recent post watchers.... headspace on KXLU .... is such a good way to spend an hour on tuesday nights
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