Motley Crue ROCKS man!
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Motley Crue ROCKS man! Okay so maybe they're just as old and washed up as Metallica, but the diff here is that Motley Crue supports the idea of their fans downloading MP3s of their music via Napster and Metallica is just trying to get cheap publicity by screwing their own fans. Personally, I listen to bands like these and I made fun of groups like Metallica and Motley Crue back when I was in high school and everybody else thought they were cool, but I'll stop badmouthing Crue for the rest of my life. I might even try to appreciate their music. Metallica still sucks though.
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I'm not going to stop badmouthing Crue. Their music still bites monkeyass just like always.

How nice of them to take a quote stand unquote in order to push their extremely erudite and irony-sensitive fans out of their basements and into the stadiums (tourdates and clickthroughs conveniently provided at the end of the spoof).

Makes me think the whole damned RIAA-Napster-MP3-Major Label conspiracy is a lot tighter, better organized and downright evil than I thought.
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HAHAH motley crue is doing very well now, man they are very popular, oooh wait, nah. I saw metallica on monday night and they totally kicked ass, nobody and i mean nobody can put on a better show than they can, i dont care about napster, i dont use it that much and could easily survive without it, so i hope it dies. and hell metallica kicks ass.
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