I hear dead components.
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I hear dead components. How nice that your computer can sing to you when it's breaking down. I wonder if there's any significance to "It's a small world."
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On some Mac's I have worked on a similar rare failure sound is that of a horrible car accident. One time the volume was set to high, and the case was off, I nearly hit the roof I was so startled.
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I'm not sure I want my computer playing music seemingly at random - let alone if it's playing music to tell me that it has decided to break on me.... That strikes me as a little too creepily Hal-like for my tastes...
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"Deep in the NOC, nobody can hear Fur Elise"

If I've got an overheated chip, the last thing I want is fun and games burning up cycles. I'd rather it just shutdown after writing a few bytes to the BIOS, so when I tried to restart it I get a message telling me there was a component failure.

I'm going to chalk that up to "stupid things chipset designers come up with"
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Weird. This has been around for years, but it's really bouncing around. (The Trib's computer columnist recently covered the question.)

This is pretty similar to the BIOS tunes that a Mac plays to tell you, for instance, that you installed the memory SIMMs in the wrong order.
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They should make a portable mp3 player that plays mp3s to warn you that it's going to break...
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I've heard some of the various "failure" sounds the Mac ROM can play, but don't know anybody who's ever actually heard "Fur Elise" and "It's a Small World" (which, quite frankly, would make me beat the malfunctioning component into a molten, useless pulp of plastic and copper wires I hate that tune so much...). Any of you guys ever have a machine actually do this, or is this one of those "urban/internet legend" things that some tech writer at Microsoft decided to have some fun with?
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I personally don't think I've ever had a system with the Award/Unicore BIOS on it. At the same token, I've never actually had a machine die on me either, so who knows. I didn't think about the Mac, I knew they did something similar. Wasn't there something like this in the old Amiga's as well? Anyway, it's not all that new of a notion, but I was surprised that it's still in existence.

And I too would toss the computer out the window if it started playing "It's a Small world." I mean, why kick a man when he's down?
posted by jdiaz at 5:44 PM on July 5, 2000

Anyone here who thinks that's anything *other* than an MSKB easter-egg, raise your hand...

(so I can steal your notebook out from under your arm. :-)
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