What's really being said?
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Reverse Speech. Seems like a load of hooey to me, but there are some pretty freaky things being said when you listen to it backwards. (via iconomy's wonderful web site)
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Boooooooooo *hissssss*
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there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan

Funny how we only hear these things when we're told what we're supposed to be hearing - and even then barely.
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"On the surface level, it can act as a sort of Truth Detector as Reverse Speech will usually correct the inconsistencies of forward speech. If a lie is spoken forwards, the truth may be communicated in reverse. If pertinent facts are left out of forward speech these may also be spoken in reverse. It can reveal hidden motive and agenda and other conscious thought processes. At deeper levels, Reverse Speech can reveal thought patterns that are unconscious, including reasons behind behaviour and disease.

Absolutely un-freakin'-believable...this Oates character honestly thinks that this crap is real. I listened to a few samples, and so f**king what? So Guiliani's stuttered proclamation of "...the city..." sounds (in reverse) like he's saying "innocent" -- if he had a mouthful of marbles and was drunk. Guess what? There are a finite number of sounds, letters, and words -- and many of them, inevitably, sound like some other sound, word, or letter when heard "in reverse."

Now, if you want *real* fun both forwards & backwards, there's only one thing that will truly satisfy: Palindromes!
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Oh - ashbury, not knocking you or your FPP -- it IS interesting, and link worthy, IMO. This Oates guy is just a bonehead.
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His company, Reverse Speech Enterprises, is dedicated to profiting from his discovery. (from dgaicum's link)

I agree with the load of hooey.
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Related: backmasking.
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this is old. fans of this remind me of nostrodamaniacs... doing their best prophecy after the fact and with a whole lot of leeway.

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interesting that bin laden's subconscious speaks english.
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A Santa dog lived as a devil god at NASA

Palindrome subconscious rules.
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Not only is it a load of hooey, it's hooey we've already discussed.
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yllis yrev
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ah crap. I'm starting to get a horrible track record with FPPs.
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Towards the bottom of the example page, Oates provides a Reverse Speech example of Osama Bin Laden saying something in what I presume is Arabic, but the Reverse Speech message is in English.

"I will buy you the palace of evil."

What we hear must be what is suggested. I doubt Bin Laden thinks in English. Why wouldn't his hidden meaning be in Arabic or his native tongue?

Me thinks this is nothing but bunk! Interesting and linkworthy bunk, but still bunk.

Knub neve!
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don't worry ashbury. you can always put your thing down, flip and reverse it.
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I was listening to Art Bell one time and he had this reverse guy on, and they had a clip of Al Gore (or somebody, can't remember exactly who) saying something, like completely reasonable and normal, but then Oates is like (In his Crocodile Hunter accent), 'Crikey! But when we revuhse it Al is sayin' somethin' really teehrable.' So Oates goes on to tell us that there are racial slurs in Gore's reverse clip, and he and Art (allegedly) believe this shit so much that they actually put censored beeps over the audio.

Not only was that super-ridiculous, but it also seems a bit slanderous. If someone is bleeping out the supposed racial slurs that they claim are coming out of my sub-conscious, they better be able to also provide me with some empirical backing for this or its law-suit time.
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Paul is dead.
I am the walrus.

Also, Go to chuuuuuurch. Say your praaaaaayers! Tiiiiiithe!
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Well, at least I'm safe.

I own A Toyota.
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The White Album made me kill all those people. Hehe... silly!
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I'm starting to get a horrible track record with FPPs.

I sympathize, buddy. I think I had four doubles in a row last year...
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I'm half way there, then. :)
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