No one seems to have pointed out the Napster press release.
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No one seems to have pointed out the Napster press release. It lists the points made in their legal brief, and, by cracky, they're all damned good ones. Their lead lawyer is the guy who just split Microsoft up; I think he might be able to win it; what do you think?
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My favorite quote (Metallica, on their music being shipped around in MP3 format, in 1997):

"We don't give a f***."

How do you pronounce that?

I guess they have words in California that we just don't *have* in other parts of the country...

(You might be a rock star if...?)
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I was hoping that Napster was on its way to an settlement, but these recent moves make that seem less likely. Of course, they could just be hardball negotiating tactics.
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It's nice to see that everyone came through the Offspring/merchandising thing with no sore feelings; the fine print at the bottom lists "Jim Guerinot, owner, Time Bomb R!ecords and personal manager of The Offspring" among the people who submitted declarations on their behalf.
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A friend of mine and I were arguing this on the phone earlier today. He was taking the side of RIAA, in his own way. His basic deal was that yes it is illegal but so's speeding and jaywalking. My stance is that it's very legal, and every action regarding Napster, short of someone actually making CDs to sell to other people, is legally covered under the fair use constraints of copyright law already on the books. The only way they can make the use of mp3 illegal is to invent new laws.

We're getting together tonight over drinks and armed with knowledge of the Napster brief, I'm sure I'm gonna win this argument. He's gonna haveta buy me a beer. Thanks Baylink! =)

Incidently, anybody find directions on the 'Net as to how to make a homemade mp3 car stereo component? I've been looking all over the 'Net but all I can find are links to places who will sell you the plans to make one yourself for a fee. I might as well just buy one from Best Buy.
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I know of one that's not do-it-yourself, but seems pricey.

try Empeg

The empeg car player is available in a range of capacities, from the entry level 6Gb (approx 100 hours*) model to the maxed out 36Gb model which offers over 600 hours of music storage. In addition there are a
range of color schemes to suit your car and additional docking sleds for second vehicles. Prices start from US$1199.

I seem to recall an issue of MaximumPC with a how-to article. Maybe it is online.
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I seem to recall an issue of MaximumPC with a how-to article. Maybe it is online.

It sure is. You can find it here.
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Wow! Cool! Thanks WebMutant!
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Personally, I think I would get this for my car. Information also available here.
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I hope Napster can't do it ... I've chosen them four times on Fucked Company, and I need the points.
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Fair Use:
"Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright."
--somehow i don't think napster users are downloading music for any of the above reasons, therefore the fair use exemption doesn't apply to them or napster
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"...therefore the fair use exemption doesn't apply to them or napster."

Incorrect, Alethe. It's for research. The downloader is researching whether or not s/he wants to invest money in that band or artist's album(s). I don't care if it's Metallica or Tarrytown. It's research. It's fair use. Sorry to burst your bubble. =)
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Oh, Zach; that's *beautiful*...
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research!? that's the most absurd rationalization i've ever heard for criminal behavior
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Exactly, alethe. If it's research, then surely all napster users are only downloading songs, listening to them once or twice then deleting them, right?

They're not burning them to CDs or anything, right?

They're not adding them to their collections and then allowing other users to download them, further perpetuating the chain of infringement, right?

Research. Good lord. And when I speed, that's research too -- I'm testing my brakes, and doing research into the laws of physics. Bwah.
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