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The Blogging Revolution @ Oy. No wonder no one respects web journalism. I could barely get past the first sentence. 1992? Funny, but the first visual browsers weren't released until 1993 and homepages didn't spring up like daisies till 94/95.
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HEY! Jules Asner!!!!???
that fucker, I tell ya. oops.
posted by tiaka at 8:07 AM on July 7, 2000

no, wait. yes.
posted by tiaka at 8:09 AM on July 7, 2000

well, the orange inset box within that article has certainly sucked the last bit of life out of the term 'blog'.
At least he gave Raza some well-deserved props.
posted by sixfoot6 at 8:15 AM on July 7, 2000

Don't argue with the man, Gabby! He's a genius!

It even says so on his homepage. That's how I know.
posted by ratbastard at 8:23 AM on July 7, 2000

Bloggified? Bloggified?
posted by harmful at 8:32 AM on July 7, 2000

When everyone knows it blogglalified.
posted by tiaka at 8:37 AM on July 7, 2000

Hell, Al Gore hadn't even invented the internet until 1994. What's wrong with people?
posted by Dean_Paxton at 9:29 AM on July 7, 2000

It's nice to be around before you've been invented so by the time your cool and hip, you feel passé .
posted by john at 11:23 AM on July 7, 2000

Just a note; visual browsers, sure, but doesn't anyone remember text browsers?

then again, isn't text visual?

I mean, yes, the article is a load of newbie hyped garbage that ignores the dumbing down effect technology has on people, but at least pick on the right things.

posted by rich at 12:22 PM on July 7, 2000

I think that first paragraph was stolen from zeldman. I could have swore Zeldman had said that or something really close to that before. I could just be going insane, though. Probably the second one.
posted by deckard at 1:27 PM on July 7, 2000

Al Gore told Meg to call it "LinkinLogs" but did she ever listen? Nooo!
posted by ZachsMind at 11:40 PM on July 7, 2000

Ahem, Zach... If you know anybody with prior art on LinkinLog, I'd like to know...
posted by wendell at 12:37 AM on July 8, 2000

posted by ZachsMind at 10:31 PM on July 8, 2000

(but what do you expect from a guy who used to borrow the family dinosaur?)
posted by wendell at 11:47 PM on July 8, 2000

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