Pianist Looks for Justice After Losing Finger
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Pianist Looks for Justice After Losing Finger I'm sure there is a Cable TV movie in this somewhere. Expect dodgy accents and Prague passing itself off as Russia as usual. And Brian Dennehy as the head of customs.
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Actually, I got my hand trapped in a taxi door once. But it can't have been this painful.
posted by feelinglistless at 2:24 PM on February 22, 2003

Maybe I'm just losing it, but I've been thinking alot lately about how arbitrary and significant small events can be in the progression of our lives. I've spent too much time thinking about how something small can escalate to a life-changing event. I feel very sorry for Ms. Streib.
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Regardless of all else, this says it all for me:

"He pushed me out and pulled the door to shut it, although I was holding the door with both of my hands," Streib said. "I lost my balance and almost fell - still holding the door - but Agarkov pulled the door shut abruptly, chopping off part of my middle finger on my right hand. ... The door was at least 30 centimeters thick and I didn't think that he would close it, knowing that my fingers were still there."

If some dude is trying to keep you out of a room by closing the door on you, a 1 foot thick door mind you, do you shove your fingers in the way? And it's not like you can 'hang on' to a 1 ft thick door, the best you can do is push up against it, and in that case, how could he know her fingers would be way over on the edge? I don't know, sounds pretty weird to me. (not that I don't feel for her and the whole situation...)
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Brian Dennehey....thats a good one.

does anyone remember when he was actually doing good work?
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It's a terrible thing to have happen, but I find it about as shocking as a report of partial nudity at Mardi Gras.

I've travelled extensively, and found customs inspectors in many nations who double as thieves with uniforms. I've never travelled in Russia, however I've been shaken down while arriving and departing in South Africa, India, Zambia and Brazil.

Sadly, such problems seem to be regarded as part of the cost of doing international business, and little is done to fix them. I didn't realize how endemic the situation was until finance reimbursed me without question for the stolen money (I'm sorry, I mean miscellaneous import/export fees, paid in cash), and for the stolen electronics (I'm sorry, I mean illegal electronics). After all, finance won't reimburse a dinner at TGI Friday's without a receipt.
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The door was at least 30 centimeters thick

I'm guessing that he meant 3 CM/ 30 MM. People often get measurements wrong. I was just reading a personal account from a survivor of that Rhode Island inferno the other night, and he claimed that he walked 500 to 700 feet to get from the stage area to the entrance area, though it doesn't look as though the bar was anywhere near two football fields long from any of the pics I've seen.
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