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The thinking man's MMOG is now live and accepting subscriptions. Someone on mefi noticed this game in development last July, but very little attention was given to it at that time. What has evolved in the game is an interesting social experiment, rather than your typical hack and slash Massive Multiplayer game. Many have equated it to Sims Online, but whereas that game appears to have failed to result in anything that doesn't smell of pig excrement, this title appears to have a soul. In fact, it's garnished its first review since opening on Feb 15th (shameless self-linking).
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It may not be a full review, but Greg Costikyan had some good things to say about ATiTD last week.

I have to admit that I'm intrigued by the cooperative nature of the game, and by its goal structure. I'm just too busy living my own mundane life to spend hours online growing flax and making bricks.
posted by Inkslinger at 9:30 AM on February 25, 2003

No, this is the thinking man's MMOG.
posted by Pinwheel at 9:56 AM on February 25, 2003

"In fact, it's garnished its first review since opening on Feb 15th ..."

Heh. "Garnished."

Garnered? I love inadvertent typos.
posted by mrmcsurly at 10:16 AM on February 25, 2003

Garnered? I love inadvertent typos.

I actually speak that way. My wife, being a former copy editor, loves to just sit and listen, then spend the next 20 minutes making fun of my creative usage of the language.

Yes, it's a good marriage...
posted by thanotopsis at 10:24 AM on February 25, 2003

My favourite MMOG is still Subspace, after all these years.
posted by titboy at 10:45 AM on February 25, 2003

I'm waiting for uru.
THAT is a thinking game.
posted by Dillenger69 at 11:37 AM on February 25, 2003

Why can't a 'thinking man's' game have fighting in it?
posted by thekorruptor at 12:30 PM on February 25, 2003

Eve has my attention. If I can't kill you, it's not fun--but in a persistent game universe of over 5000 solar systems shared concurrently by a target 100,000 players, it promises to be a lot more complex, as well.

A player-based economy (buy low, sell high, complete with bid/ask prices and brokers) combined with intricate research and manufacturing appeals to the cerebral player.

Drug smuggling, piracy, 100% player-vs-player combat possible in all areas of the game appeal to the more ... well, violent player.

Oh, yeah, and for you goodie-two-shoes players, you can also join and work for the various police factions in the game.

End of March launch date, in final beta now. Get you some.
posted by KiloHeavy at 1:30 PM on February 25, 2003

titboy: been awhile since I've played subspace. Thanks for reminding me about it.
posted by ODiV at 3:16 PM on February 25, 2003

I was one of the early beta testers for ATITD, and I got bored quickly once the chariots were removed and getting around became such a pain in the pyramid.

I really loved GNE, but I think that's because the people were so cool.

I've been thinking about firing up the old MUD and MOO clients and going and playing with some of them again.
posted by dejah420 at 6:14 PM on February 25, 2003

One should note that our very own (but not much seen in these parts for a good long time) sylloge is one of the people behind the worryingly fun (at least in alpha) Game Never Ending.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 12:07 AM on February 26, 2003

This looks interesting, but you need broadband to sign up...
posted by Orange Goblin at 4:42 AM on February 26, 2003

atitd - this must be the UNIX daemon that serves tits to users. Nice - and it's even multiplayer!
posted by LordMcD at 9:55 AM on February 26, 2003

I've been playing for a bit and it seems okay. Anyone want to start a mefi guild? (though I probably won't play past the 24 hour free period)
posted by ODiV at 11:53 AM on February 26, 2003

Somewhat off-topic: Has anyone else signed up to beta test Eve and received confirmation or anything? I'm in signup purgatory and have received no e-mails about status. I'm anxious to play.

I'm anxious for the next phase of GNE, too. =)
posted by lnicole at 3:53 PM on February 26, 2003

Oops... answer's on their site in the forums. I'll just pretend that last comment of mine didn't happen.
posted by lnicole at 3:59 PM on February 26, 2003

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