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model rocketry woes. the article mentions a wyoming senator who wants to amend the bill, but the homeland security act is/would put the squeeze on model rocketry, as the fuel of some engines will/would be classified as an explosive. whoa. wonder if the NHRA is gonna follow this. hate to see 'em stop the top fuelers.
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As americans, we deserve this. we are wimps and sissys who complain about the goverment from our over-priced, extra-plush armchairs, from the corners of our silver-spooned mouths and all our poorly-aimed pissing that takes place at the company watercooler. You can bet your ass top fuelers are next, followed by 4th of july fireworks, ghetto boom-boxes and finally your right to bear arms. It's too bad that by the time a majority of Americans realize they can't have a 38 special or freakin roman candle, it will be too late. Wake up in the name of planetary freedom and question authority. BTW-this model rocket thing has been an issue since the patriot act went through. here in portland, oregon, we have a group at PSU working on cheap, guided model rockets. And guess what? they are partial funded by the government. go figur
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This just in: Gasoline Found to Be Explosive. In the news later... Oily Rags and Spontaneous Combustion: Terrorist or Wood Finisher?
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by 4th of july fireworks
LARGE story in the GR Press on sunday about exactly that. the new regulations require permits from ATF with background checks taking to to 3 months. there is a substantial fee. the regulations require anybody who HANDLES fireworks to be licensed. shipping costs are headed roofward due to the requirement to be transported in hazmat certified environments (special trucks and handlers). hundreds of towns, villages, lake associations and civic groups are CANCELLING upcoming 4th of July celebrations because they cannot afford them, the fees, or the ATF says they can't possibly vet all those people in time. commercial fireworks contractors already have certified people on staff, but the down-home, friends and neighbors firework shows are going to come to a screeching halt, and the commercially contracted ones will be smaller due to the increased price of each shell.
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hundreds of towns, villages, lake associations and civic groups are CANCELLING upcoming 4th of July celebrations

This is a good thing. More people will now stay home and watch the 4th of July celebrations on televisions where the fireworks display can be preceded by an inspirational talk by our Noble Preachersident.
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you say you want a revolution...
well, you know.
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What does the NHRA have to do with solid rocket motors?
Everything involved is liquid.
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The fuel dragsters and fuel funnycars run on nitromethane, which is an explosive liquid.
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