Stupid criminals
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Boneheads of the Year - The year may only be just shy of two months old, but these two Massachusetts men have already wrapped up the award for 2003. Really, how dumb can TWO people be?
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Police officers have a derisive nickname for this kind of offender: "rocket scientist."
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I'm still partial to the fella who was arrested for attempted sale of crack in Clearwater, Fla. To an officer in uniform. Sitting in his marked police cruiser. In the parking lot of the police station.
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Could be from Supertroopers -- a surprisingly funny movie.
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I don't have a link, but a few weeks ago, I read a story about a person who went into a gun shop and asked to see a revolver. The owner showed it to him. The man looked at it, shoved it back over the counter, pulled out a knife and told the owner that he wanted the gun.

He didn't get the gun. He did get a bullet, though. I think that's just a little dumber than what these two did.
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The owner handed someone a loaded gun?
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How stupid can they be when they are still alive?
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Let this be a lesson to you, kids:
Don't sell drugs to people you don't know and trust.
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A friend of mine was robbed at knife point by someone who had earlier that day stopped into the business and applied for a job. Of course this Einstein did not lie in filling out the job application. The police found him hiding out that evening at the home of the first reference his list.
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I find it refreshing that the "dope" they were pushing was mushrooms and coke. See, pot doesn't make you stupid.
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Quick! Everyone ignore the content of the article and start defending drugs and criticizing the cops!

Oh sorry. Thought I was reading the Fark forum for a minute :P
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Now I know why they call it 'dope.'
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They were probably high. Good thing they're behind bars now. No more casual dealing for parties in that town.
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