Pollution is good for you!
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According to toxicologists, pollution is good for you in small doses. Pardon my pedantism, but isn't the term "pollution" synonymous with "too much"?
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I can't find the story, but I read an article that said one of the reasons for the increase in childhood allergies and ashtma is the lack of dust in our vacuumed and air-conditioned homes. Kids don't have the everyday exposure to the outside world that would've come from a less hermetically sealed existence, and they get less chance to become acclimated to that strange and exotic place called the "outside world."
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true. same can be said about pets. While you might be allergic to cats or dogs or whatever, if you have one in your house all your life, it is much better for you if you were to come in contact with one at a friends, or on vacation, etc., than if you never had one in your house. You react completely differently.
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I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, home of some of the earliest smog alerts. Back then, they said that exposure to smog was actually good for you as it would build up your immunity.


And when I read stories like this I have to take in the greater context, that is, how this "report" will be used by polluters and governments to reduce clean air acts. Spewing chemicals into our air because it's cheaper to do so than creating greener machines should be a crime.
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The research was funded by the U.S. Air Force office of scientific research.

Follow the money.
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but isn't the term "pollution" synonymous with "too much"?
excessive endirtation and filthmosis.
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Whether small doses of pollution are good for you or not..........well, that depends on what the pollution is.

For a very different viewpoint, see The dose doesn't make the poison, from RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH NEWS #755. (October 31, 2002) - In some cases, lower doses are MORE toxic than higher ones. Again, it depends on what the 'poison' is.
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There is no mention of the pregnant, young, sick or elderly.
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Pardon my pedantism

*snort!* Don't you mean "pedantry?"

Really, now.
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I'll see your *snort*, and I'll raise by a *guffaw*.

I am way more right than any dictionary will ever be.

Such is the nature of pedantism.
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