Thoughts on the origins of violence
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Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence. If this 1975 article from the The Bulletin of The Atomic Sciences were written today, the "Body Pleasure" bit would have probably been left out. But that doesn't mean this article isn't worth the time to read. Also see this cite of James W. Prescott's work in Carl Sagan's bestselling book and PBS series in chapter 13: Who Speaks for Earth?
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Err. That should be The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists
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You're probably right, and I think it's a theory, un-PC as it may be, that's worth investigating... the quoted stats are scary and sad.

[this is good]
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Great post, crasspastor. This will take some time to digest. Thanks!
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Steele noted that almost without exception the women who abused their children had never experienced orgasm.

Wow. That would be quite a correllation, but I'm skeptical about the causation. It seems to me (generalizing horribly) that women who abuse their children are likely to abuse or be abused by their domestic or sexual partners. The abuse between adults seems more likely to directly relate to a poor sex life, and my PC brain is muttering that bad sex lives are the results of abusive (inconsiderate, controlling) relationships, rather than the cause thereof.
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So how come the "posted by crosspastor" bit looks different to those on all the other front page posts? Just curious..
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CP foobed the HTML. there's an extra quote in the href tag for the link that's supposed to be after the words "chapter 13." Preview was created for a reason, peeps. ;)

Great link, though.
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Thanks SpecialK. It's not to be missed. Click here!

And kev23f, do you care to explicate? I don't understand.
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i shall explicate - i was just wondering why the whole "posted by" piece wasn't on a separate line. And the words "posted by" actually point to a link, as opposed to just being blank. I think specialk explained it above, but it makes no sense to me, but i'm technically ignorant anyway so no surprises there. Sorry, shouldn't have brought it up and derailed the thread.
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and the reason for this is given by SpecialK. capice?
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Wow. Good stuff.
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hippugeek, the article contends the damage is done in early development so by the time in a sexual relationship it is hardwired abuse built in it goes a long way explaining why some people fall for the wrong people over and over and never seem to learn, problem is internal.
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Thanks, stbalbach. I seem to have taken one bit of information in through each eye, and somehow they didn't meet up in the middle.
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