Twins Reunite After 20 Years
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Twins Reunite After 20 Years You need free registration to get this story but it is well worth the slight effort. Twins, adopted, born in Mexico, one becomes Catholic and the other Jewish. Both register at same college and meet up. A story that will warm your heart and, at the same time, perhaps tell us a bit about Nature and Nurture.
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That reminds me of a beautiful moment in Mike Figgis' film The Loss of Sexual Innocence. It's a side story of the film, mostly told visually, about a pair of twins (played by Saffron Burrows) that are born in Italy adoptedly separately at birth, with one raised in England and one in Italy. One day they run into each other at an airport and there is this breathtaking moment where they look at each other in amazement and then one is distracted by her boyfriend showing up and the other one goes on her way--and the moment is gone.
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Something similar happened to me. But he was not my twin. Just someone who looked VERY very like me. So much so that my students kept coming to him for their assignments and a woman got very mad at me at the checkout at Safeway when she said "How'ya doing Bruce?" And I told her I wasn't not Bruce.
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