Posters of Toei Yakuza Movies
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Posters of Toei Yakuza Movies.
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Kakkoii (cool), Hama-san. Takakura Ken, once Japan's strong, silent type (Clint Eastwood) actor, has in recent years been appearing in commercials as a cardigan-wearing retiree coming to grips with the Internet.

Japan's even cheesier version of Universal Studios is Toei Eigamura (lit. Movie Village) here in Kyoto, a replica of an Edo period village. They still make putrid jidaigeki (period dramas) there. Thus, when I got to Japan, I went there, hoping to get a poster or T-shirt with everyone's favorite samurai, Mifune Toshiro (find the English button after splash page). I was scouring the souvenir stalls, ALL of which had Audrey Hepburn T-shirts (she is revered out of all proportion in Japan owing to her abundant sweetitude) and none of which had Mifune shirts. Huh? I found only one faded picture of him in the whole place, obscurely placed on a "wall of fame." Doh! He made Toho movies, not Toei. I'll spare you Eigamura's bad website, which has no English and no interesting photos that I can find.
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not much to say except great link.
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hama7, I kept trying to look at the posters, but that ocean sound kept putting me to sleep.

Interesting link for something I would never find, and I appreciate the frame of reference for the posters, planetkyoto. Plus the Mifune Toshiro link is way kakkoii too.
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Very nice links, planetkyoto, thanks!

It's odd, the Japanese period dramas are like dull afternoon soap operas, but in Korea, they are the most popular thing on TV, so much that the streets and public transportation are deserted during the times that they're on.

that ocean sound kept putting me to sleep

That was peculiar, wasn't it?
posted by hama7 at 4:19 PM on March 4, 2003

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