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Margaret Muller was stabbed to death early last month, while jogging in London's Victoria Park. An American studying at the Slade School of Fine Art, her murder launched the largest crime scene reconstruction in the Metropolitan Police's history.
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Contrast to the efforts of police in my nation's capital during their last big murder mystery (previously discussed here).
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why was this posted?
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most people haven't seen it before, there is something interesting about the content on the page, and it might warrant discussion from others.
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More than that, the Metropolitan Police seem to be making a 3D model of the scene, including 90 people who were there on the day re-enacting their steps, and buses placed at the same points on the road.

Quite why this case warrants such resource-busting treatment when no other murder in London does is a bit of a mystery though.
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Is this kind of crime scene re-enactment pretty much a British thing? When I (briefly) lived in London a few years back, I remember seeing either news reports on them or appeals for help with them on a fairly regular basis. I've never seen them elsewhere (or they keep a pretty low profile.)
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We have a programme on the BBC called Crimewatch UK which broadcasts 2 or 3 reconstructions every month of murders, serious assaults, robberys etc. and has a pretty good record at jogging the public's memory and getting arrests - at the end of the show they always remind you how rare these incidents are so "Don't have nightmares!" - very reassuring!!

BTW it used to be presented by Jill Dando who was murdered a few years back.
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Police hunting for the arrested a 18-year-old man in east London (via
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