Nader takes on the SEC, will a campaign be next?
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Nader takes on the SEC, will a campaign be next? Bit by bit, Ralph Nader does what he does best, annoying those who abuse power. This last year, he has kept with advocacy that is in parallel with smart campaign strategy and the creation of the SEC watchdog group is an example of that. The Greens are still debating him in the forums, wondering if he is still their guy. Maybe they should be asking if he's OUR guy?
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Faux corporate reform is hot, hot, hot! I found this at
FBI introduces toll free white-collar crime line

If you suspect corporate fraud, here's a new number to call: 1-888-622-0117.

This will connect you with the FBI's new corporate fraud hotline, part of the agency's corporate fraud initiative. The goal, FBI officials say, is to make it easier to report potential crimes.FBI officials will record information from calls into a database. Then, the FBI will review that database with the hopes of generating four or five investigations per month.

More than a year after Enron, this looks a little like a token effort as the FBI has done very little to make fighting corporate crime a priority.
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The forums link is broken.
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Ralph Nader does what he does best

Putting Republicans in the White House?
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Ok... I am a dumbass.
For the forum, try

My apologies.
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