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Pictoplasma. A collection of over 4750 contemporary character designs from a whole wide load of artists, designers and companies world wide. It's making my day. There's a book too.
posted by Spoon (8 comments total)
not the most intuitive navigation on that site. On the pop-up window, click on the mustard colored dot up on the top to browse the archives.
posted by crunchland at 7:05 AM on March 5, 2003

The PictoOrphanage is killing me with its cuteness...
posted by Katemonkey at 7:20 AM on March 5, 2003

Thanks, crunchland... I was just coming to complain that I couldn't get any of the "links" to work. (You'd think a gallery of design work would know better than to use exactly the same typeface for links as for body text.)
posted by ook at 7:21 AM on March 5, 2003

Making our quarterly visit, are we Spoon?
posted by y2karl at 9:01 AM on March 5, 2003

I've been busy. Having babies and the like. (self link, don't get all up in my ass about it.)
posted by Spoon at 9:05 AM on March 5, 2003

Thanks Spoon, excellent collection.
posted by yonderboy at 10:37 AM on March 5, 2003

It's wonderful eye-candy and and amazing effort by whoever administers the site. I would really, really love to see something along these lines in a "copy-left" version, though. I suppose the cost of bandwidth for such a venture would just be too prohibitive.
posted by taz at 12:20 PM on March 5, 2003

better than the last handful of brick-and-mortar art museums i've been to. very kewl. thanks!
posted by steef at 1:03 PM on March 5, 2003

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