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Pupcam! A remote-controlled car, a pup and a video camera. A little Friday diversion. The pup seems to be enjoying himself.
posted by essexjan (21 comments total)
the link seems to be invalid, empty page anyhow...
posted by gonz at 9:00 AM on March 7, 2003

click on the movies link to the left, they're funny.
posted by kev23f at 9:06 AM on March 7, 2003

Link failure.

Has this site already become a victim of linkage flooding?
posted by Dunvegan at 9:15 AM on March 7, 2003

posted by GriffX at 9:22 AM on March 7, 2003

It was working a minute ago.
posted by essexjan at 9:23 AM on March 7, 2003

So cute. I WANT THAT DOG! At first I felt sorry for him, but you're right, in the second movie he seems to like it. Funny how he only gets brave when the car isn't moving.
Thanks for the laughs!
posted by aacheson at 9:24 AM on March 7, 2003

Looks like it needs IE on windows. If the site doesn't work, here are links to the actual movies in WMV format:

Movie 1
Movie 2
posted by zsazsa at 9:27 AM on March 7, 2003

aacheson - that breed is a West Highland White Terrier which I grew up with and my sister has to this day. They are very bright and alert (which of course also means yappy). They aren't great with kids but get along with other dogs. They don't do too well with cats.

Thanks zsazsa for posting the direct links!
posted by vito90 at 9:42 AM on March 7, 2003

I love those dogs..
this is rather like the bit out of the shining isnt it?
posted by sgt.serenity at 9:53 AM on March 7, 2003

Heheheheh, redrum, redrum, redrum, redrum ...
posted by essexjan at 9:55 AM on March 7, 2003

vito- i had a westie that loved my kids and now lives with my husbands aunt and her three cats. As long as the cats will play with her she likes them just fine, but she put the smack down on my friend's Chow. She also LOVED the snow.

Great dogs. Love that jaunty little tail.
posted by domino at 10:11 AM on March 7, 2003

domino - I think I was being wildly unfair to the breed when I said not good with kids. One of our Westies was a not-fixed male, and he was very, very aggressive. I'm sure a neutered male (like the female we had, God bless her soul) would be fine around little ones.

They were originally bred to hunt vermin I think, and ours were never able to distinguish between vermin and cats (insert your joke here)
posted by vito90 at 10:26 AM on March 7, 2003

Can I have a "GW cam"? Pretty please? It would be more fun than a pony!
posted by troutfishing at 10:39 AM on March 7, 2003

Domaino, I love the tail too. Tails are so expressive anyway, but theirs takes the cake.

Totally off-subject, this morning my little parrot was preening my dog's furry tail. Then he (the parrot) must have begun thinking that the fluffy tail felt a whole lot like the back end of a female parrot so it started this weird sex dance ON the dog's tail. Poor Griffey (the dog). He sat there looking misearable while my husband and I howled with laughter at the little parrot trying to bonk a furry tail. We finally stopped him, but god, it was funny.

Sorry...but I'm still laughing and had to share that.
posted by aacheson at 11:13 AM on March 7, 2003

Taping a camera to your rc-car and fuckin' with the dog.. my idea of a fun afternoon!

Thanks essexjan, this is easily the 11th cutest thing I've seen all year, and I see a lot of baby ducks and squirrels every day.
posted by Hildago at 11:14 AM on March 7, 2003

Wow, I guess someone's in a crappy mood, eh Hildago?

Well, I thought it was funny. My "thanks" still stands.
posted by aacheson at 2:35 PM on March 7, 2003

What? I was serious. Geez.
posted by Hildago at 3:22 PM on March 7, 2003

My apologies. I read it as snarky. I take it all back...
?ogadlih he, doom ypparc a ni s'enoemos sseug I ,woW
posted by aacheson at 3:49 PM on March 7, 2003

I grew up with both Westies and Scotties due to my mom's seeing a picture for Black and White Scotch.

They're tremendously loyal, faithful, animals.
posted by WolfDaddy at 4:28 PM on March 7, 2003

This made me laugh and laugh. Thank you!
posted by frykitty at 7:52 PM on March 7, 2003

Westies are great little animals. They resemble three month old polar bear cubs. (and here)
posted by Frank Grimes at 12:56 AM on March 8, 2003

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