Alan Herrell running for a seat in ICANN.
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Alan Herrell running for a seat in ICANN. He was the glue that held the etoy/eToys protest together, strong supporter of The Million Mom March, and exposed the Evils of Double-Click's hidden agenda.

He's running for office, and I can't think of a better man for the job of fighting for our rights....
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I agree. He's a brilliant guy, who shoots from the hip and makes a great deal of sense.

For those reasons alone, he hasn't got a chance.
posted by Zeldman at 2:10 PM on July 10, 2000

Lots of good common sense positions on all the issues. I'm signing up for ICANN and voting for Alan.
posted by mathowie at 2:59 PM on July 10, 2000

Oh, man, he is so dead. He's rational! What the hell is a rational human being doing running for anything?
posted by Ezrael at 4:54 PM on July 10, 2000

Well, here'z what I'm thinking...

We all know & love Alan... We believe in him and his interests....

Let's raise some major awareness!!!!!
posted by EricBrooksDotCom at 5:30 PM on July 10, 2000

Eight years ago, a vote for Perot was a vote against Bush and Clinton slipped in for the nomination. Didn't bother me none. I was voting for Clinton because he was the lesser of the evils.

Driving home today I saw yet another car with George W Bush bumper stickers. Granted, I'm IN Texas.. I think the republicans are going to be a bit more mobilized and singleminded this November. I think this time it's gonna be the other way around.

It's eight years later, and we got a whole lot of little Perots, but this time it's worse because there's not one independent with enough force to get the majority. A vote for anyone other than Gore is going to be an inadvertent vote for Bush Jr. Not that Gore deserves it. I don't know if I want to see what happens in Texas happen all over the country.

But then I'm probably completely wrong. I just want anyone other than Bush Jr. in there, but at this point does it really matter? The president's like a figurehead. A trained monkey could do it.
posted by ZachsMind at 7:50 PM on July 10, 2000

Gore and Bush are running for a seat on the ICANN board?
posted by Mick at 9:58 PM on July 10, 2000

topic drift, muthafucka. ***buzz!!!*** penalty.

the topic was ICANN, herrell's bid, or supporting herrell's bid (which i see eric is doing).

gosh, i've never played metafilter topic policeman before. i feel so ... empowered.
posted by Zeldman at 12:23 AM on July 11, 2000

brrrrrrmp! I'm sorry, zeldman, but your comment on feeling empowered was topic drift from the topic drift. The original topic drift was Gore and Bush; please stop changing the topic to yourself, even if you aren't running for the ICANN board.Ask yourself if you can stop if from happening again. Then repeat to yourself, "I think ICANN, I think ICANN".
Well, that was pretty shite, even for me.
posted by Neale at 1:17 AM on July 11, 2000

Please guys... this is MEGA important.

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)... these are the folks that make the desisions on domain names and who gets them...

In a sense, companies like Mattell, eToys and Hasbro have declared WAR on personal sites... (Ask Matt Lavalle) trying to take away select domain names that are "too close" to theirs by using flimsy "Trademark Infingement" lawsuits.

To date, ICANN basically stands by and lets it happen...

With Herrell on board, select changes are going to be made. Most notable, is his stance that the Internet is "global"... recently a few judges in Virginia (home of interNIC) has ruled that the internet's jurisdiction is primarily controlled in Virginia... which is total Bullshit!... and will kill the international growth of the internet.

Hate me if you guys want, hold my past here against me...

But you need Alan Herrell in ICANN.

Or else the internet will become a "click here to buy this"/American eCommerce/wasteland... and we'll (folks that built & nurtured the web into what it is) be booted out of the ".com" realm into some obscure domain name.

The ".com" domain has become "prime real estate"... and American Business wants them all.

I'm done.

posted by EricBrooksDotCom at 9:13 AM on July 11, 2000

you are correct, sir.

i have nothing to add.

herrell gets my vote.
posted by Zeldman at 11:23 AM on July 11, 2000

I'll vote for him as long as Eric lightens the hell up.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 11:54 AM on July 11, 2000

Before I get into this, I'd like to say I'm just waiting for my PIN to arrive before placing my vote. Herrell is an excellent person, who knows which way is up.

Eric, I respectfully, but vehemently, disagree with you.

Or else the internet will become a "click here to buy this"/American eCommerce/wasteland... and we'll (folks that built & nurtured the web into what it is) be booted out of the ".com" realm into some obscure domain name.

That's horse pucky, and you're as aware of it as I am.

First off, the Internet is so much more than just the www. Never forget that.

And, uh... last time I checked, the '".com" realm' is for Businesses.

The concept of a community-, as opposed to corporate-oriented web, is not new. If the Big Bad Corporation SHOULD take over the WWW, every one of us will find another method to do what we do, even if it means starting a different Web.

Before the Mighty Web reared it's head, millions of us were already BBSing. Before Usenet extended past Universities and the government, we were chatting around the world with FidoNet.

To think that corporate dominance is something we actually have to fear is insulting to what the millions of us (this includes you, Eric :-) who create, live, discuss and use the Internet daily have worked towards. For entertainment or livelihood.

This is for everyone: Think about your life in 1990, and think about it now. Think about how greatly the Internet's affected you. Are you willing to give that up?

I didn't think so.

So no matter what happens, no matter how much the Big Bad Corporate Devil wants to own the Internet, they can't. It's already mine, in the blood, the sweat and the effort I put into it every day, and for the joy, the laughter and the rewards of interacting with such varied people I get back every day. It's already yours, for the same reasons.
posted by cCranium at 12:47 PM on July 11, 2000

oops. once again my stupidity is showing. Sorry about that, I'll just poke it back in there and zip it up. =) That's what I get for multi-tasking.
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Becoming a Master of the Internet

If you want to be able to continue to have the freedom to post here and elsewhere, build websites, and have a voice in the future of the Internet, Listen Up!

ICANN is the organization responsible for managment of the Top Level Domain Name System for the Internet. They are embarking on a election for At-Large Members to be selected and elected from the Internet community at large.

That is Us, if you are 16 years old and have a valid email address

This election is taking place because of groups like us that believe in the internet. The current Board of Directors reads like a Who's Who of special interests and multinational corporate interests.

I am running for the North American Seat. You can find out more about me, and my positions here

In order to vote for me, (first choice) :) or any other candidate You Must become an at large Member. You only have till July 31, 2000 to do this. Register Here

The position doesn't pay any money, will probably make me as unpopular as a lot of folks whose opinions you personally don't agree with, but I can guarantee you that I will be an Independent Voice for the development community.

Here is some background information on this election.

ICANN has already established a nominating committee that will put one or more candidates from each of the five regions on the ballot. At Sunday's meeting, the board decided that people wanting to run who are not chosen by the nominating committee will have to submit backing from at least 2 percent of the voters in their region in order to qualify for the ballot. Candidates also will need backing from voters in at least two countries.
As many as seven candidates will be allowed to run from each region, with slots going to those whose nominating petitions contain the most backers. In the unlikely case of a tie for the last ballot slot in a region, all candidates with the same level of support will be placed on the ballot.

ICANN is the group that opened up the Registrar Process to give You Choice in where you register your Domains.

ICANN is also for the Domain Dispute Resolution Process, to enable you to defend your domain without becoming bankrupt.

Whether you vote for me, or someone else, Vote! Because if you do not, you will probably not like the outcome.

Alan Herrell - the head lemur
campaign news
campaign supportspiffy campaign buttons thank you for your time!

posted by headlemur at 8:16 AM on July 18, 2000

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