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While the site most regrettably hasn't been updated for quite some time, Space Battles is still the only site I've found where you can download some very good (and some very bad) fan-made movies of ... space battles! Hey, where else are you gonna see the Dominion and the Shadows taking on the Federation and the Rebel Alliance on the same screen? Fanboys set phasers and blasters to fun!
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Fanboys set phasers and blasters to fun!

I hope YOU didn't come up with that. :o)
posted by Witty at 5:32 PM on March 12, 2003

Most Space Battles-films have one flaw: They haven't been able to model damage to any of the ships, so all of them blow up on the first shot. Those big ships should really be able to take some damage.

There's a Finnish feature-length Star Trek fan-movie called Star Wreck VI coming out this year. Be sure to check out their new teaser. Their older, less impressive but quite energetic, movies can be found here. Their link page has lots of links to other Star Trek fanfilms.
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oh, and don't forget to check out the forums, especially the VS. forum, where you too can spend hours and hours debating the supremacy of one imaginary empire over another...
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Feh, wake me when somebody makes Culture vs Canon!

(On second thought that's not such a great match up. The Culture ships could take apart the Canon Guardships at ridiculous distances. But heck with it, any of the battle scenes from Excession and The Dragon Never Sleeps would totally rock.)
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