What Exactly have they bought?:
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What Exactly have they bought?: "The Orange mobile telephone company has purchased Ananova, a virtual newscaster and information provider, in a $142.5 million deal with the British news agency Press Association" (via RobotWisdom, via Useit.com). Can someone please inform us just what exactly this Orange company has bought?
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Once again, an independant woman with a vibrant personality is treated like a piece of meat. Well, actually she's not that independent is she? And her personality is rather watered down and conservative, as it's decided by committee. Ah, the wonders of technology. The more things change the more they stay the same. What'd they buy? Head and shoulders. They bought a head and a pair of shoulders. Oh. And a neck with a twitch in it. But hey it's cool. It coulda been a lot worse believe me.
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Well, it could be worse: they could have bought Miss Boo.
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