Sources of under-reported breaking news
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UPI Hears, Overseas Security Council News , News Insider seem to do a good job providing tasty bits of breaking news absent from mainstream media. Where else do you feed the appetite for under-reported, breaking news scoops these days?
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TWG - Beat me to it.
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If you're desperate for breaking news in a foreign country, the stone-age technology of IRC can often scoop the journalists. It's low-bandwidth, and as a result people are there from a lot of different nations who might not be able to post news on other forums - for example, on DALnet we were aware of the recent Turkish vote result about twenty minutes before it want to CNN/BBC. The drawback is the signal-to-noise ratio of IRC, which is very low.
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An excellent basic feed with loads of mainstream and unusual categories:
A terrific source for a variety of off the beaten path stories: NewsMakingNews
A good source for right-leaning slant: World Tribune
A good source for left-leaning slant: BuzzFlash

Great bookmarks for the very unusual, these can come real handy sometimes:
Center for Cooperative Reseach
Black Vault
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Nausea Manifesto runs stories that never make it to corporate news outlets.
posted by StormBear at 5:29 PM on March 13, 2003 a different sort of news with a decidedly creative bent.
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