Occult Chemistry
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Occult Chemistry. Direct observation of atoms through clairvoyance.
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Great post. Loved Babbit's 1878 drawing of the structure of the atom. Thanks.
posted by mediareport at 2:43 PM on March 13, 2003

Nice post.

Could make some cool t-shirts out of that.
posted by signal at 3:14 PM on March 13, 2003

Love the post. It made me sort of bitter, though -- I'm doing some work in organic chemistry right now, and those skills would really come in handy.
posted by LittleMissCranky at 5:50 PM on March 13, 2003

I liked this post. Thanks!
posted by tss at 6:59 PM on March 13, 2003

[this is good]
posted by Slithy_Tove at 11:23 PM on March 13, 2003

Given Theosophy's influence on L. Ron Hubbard, I'm surprised that none of this wingnuttery shows up in Scientology. I guess there's some knowledge that not even Thetans are privy to.

I'd love to see Aleister Crowley's drawings of an atom.
posted by MrBaliHai at 1:45 AM on March 14, 2003

There's definitely a Spike Jonze movie in there somewhere. Nice post, thanks.
posted by chill at 1:49 AM on March 14, 2003

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