Stewart For America!
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The Stewart For America Petition. "We, the undersigned, hereby request that French Stewart immediately change his name to 'Freedom' Stewart." Long live America.
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I assume that this is meant as sarcasm, but the sad thing is that a lot of people will probably take it seriously!
posted by cbrody at 6:49 PM on March 14, 2003

I was once guilty of writing a headline for a really cheesy publication mixing celebrities and recipes. "Freedom" offered a pizza recipe, so the headline was "French's favorite food? Italian!" Personally, I prefer "Liberty" to "Freedom" as a replacement for the hated Gallic toast and kissing. It's more old school. The whole thing is idiotic, of course, and can't be mocked enough. Assuming this is a joke, of course. It damn well better be.
posted by hairyeyeball at 6:51 PM on March 14, 2003

I'll bet the WB seminetwork wishes they'd left the remake of "Family Affair" in permanent hiatus hell rather than explain the name of Tim Curry's character... (more controversial than his Dr. Frank N. Furter in "Rocky Horror"? Says a lot about our times...)
In the meantime, let's all have some Friday French Flash Fun with the kidsWB's "Faces of French" game!
posted by wendell at 7:22 PM on March 14, 2003

Yay for French. He needs the promotion any way he can get it.
posted by cachilders at 7:30 PM on March 14, 2003

Posts about renaming things that contain the word "French" never get old. Not ever. Even if one gets posted every single day. Thank you for this original and interesting link.
posted by y6y6y6 at 7:45 PM on March 14, 2003

I love it when y6^3 gets pissed. He spontaneously explodes.

Just be glad I resisted the temptation to FPP the "Faces of French" game.

You just gotta wonder what Reckitt Benckiser PLC, makers of lots of toxic cleaning products and a couple food products, will do with it's mustard brand, considering they just finished re-branding those petri-fried onions-in-a-can you sprinkle on top of the stereotypical Green Bean Casserole from "Durkee" to "French's" (in fact, I'll bet the Campbell's Soup people are right now looking for another way to sell its Cream of Mushroom for the holiday season). Besides, "French's French Fried Onions" always seemed like the Department of Redundancy Department to me.

BTW, y6, loved your version of MetaObscureStore in the "baby drugging" thread.
posted by wendell at 8:29 PM on March 14, 2003

why can't we all just get along?
posted by y0bhgu0d at 8:29 PM on March 14, 2003

i preffer the john stewart
posted by Hackworth at 9:28 PM on March 14, 2003

...after hearing the tail-end of a news story about how some local chain restaurant is re-naming things to match our US neighbours (a really dumb idea, considering we have 2 official languages, one of which is....), a wicked thought occured:

If the US does not want to have anything related to the "french", perhaps they should graciously offer to remove that old hunk of scrap metal ya'll got hanging 'round in Neeeew Yark harbour, eh?....
posted by jkaczor at 9:56 PM on March 14, 2003

inspector gadget 2 might be funnier than that link.
posted by angry modem at 10:26 PM on March 14, 2003

jkaczor - that IS clever. And original...
posted by jonson at 10:44 PM on March 14, 2003

And to drink...Peru!
posted by padraigin at 11:27 PM on March 14, 2003

This would be funnier if the originators knew how to spell "immediately." The moral superiority you're going for in satire is undermined by, erm, tipos ;).
posted by NorthernLite at 5:17 AM on March 15, 2003

Typos, mister Northern Elite (always use the Spell Checker provided by Metal Filter - I did!)
posted by wendell at 11:13 AM on March 15, 2003

It's Ms., wendell. And please note the "erm" and the wink, my signal of a deliberate misspelling for (attempted) humorous effect. (Because it was a post about people who can't spell ... see.)

Oh, well. Anyway.

(BTW, Mr. should be capitalized in your post. ;) )

NorthernLite, proud of her RL all-French name.
posted by NorthernLite at 12:21 PM on March 15, 2003

Oh. At first I thought The Stewart For America Petition was going to be an attempt to get (The Daily Show's) Jon Stewart on the ballot for president. And I was excited. :)
posted by callmejay at 12:49 PM on March 15, 2003

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