Poetry Dedicated to Leonardo DiCaprio
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The Leonardo DiCaprio Poetry Site This is a poetry site totally dedicated to the talented actor Leonardo DiCaprio / Without whom / Our lives would be empty of all inspiration. There would be no work of art for us to gaze at / No timeless melody to listen to.

Some of it's quite sincere: Must. Not. Heh. Snicker. . .
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The Day I Fell in Love with Leo: It was at that moment that I [...] was struck by Cupid’s arrow. It was like being hit in the chest by a 10 ton truck. My breath was trapped in my lungs, I couldn’t breathe, my heart was hammering so hard I was sure it would leap straight out my throat. I felt ill, like I was going to throw up.

Here I was, a 40 year old married mother of two, head over heels over a man who was young enough to be my son. [...] I had this hunger raging through me, I had to see as many of his movies as I could. I gorged myself on Leo.

Discussion points: Celebrity Stalking Incidents: an Empirical Study (abstract); Do men, and not just women, build such communal shrines to the objects of their frustrated desires; Envy; and the utter waste of creative energies.

It's easy to be snide, but I've been interested in this for a while: what is all this about? An emptiness and a dissatisfaction with life as it is? For further study: The Viggo Mortensen Fan Base (I'm not going to link to it, as it's easy to find, and they've moved to member-only reading and posting in the last week, so you can't wander around wide eyed reading hundreds of obsessive posts any longer. I hasten to add that I am not and never will be a member; curiosity brought me there, gawking made me stay for a while).
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Stop... Hammertime. (at least temporarily)
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My poem for Leo:

DeCaprio, you like a young Brando,
But you are going to seed
twenty years earlier.
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My, art will go on.
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My arse will go on...
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Leonardo Di
Caprio, Your name won't fit
Into my haiku
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Do men, and not just women, build such communal shrines to the objects of their frustrated desires;


Ya had to ask....

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Lovely shot. Cut off the ends of her lower legs why don't you, Mr. Photographer? And why is she so aroused by the sand? Maybe she's hot for Leo?
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Based on my personal appreciation of mr. DiCaprio, here are some lyrical suggestions:

Titanic rhymes with panic
Gangs of New York rhymes with dork
Leonardo rhymes with retardo

There you go. Now just let your muse do the rest.

p.s: Spell Check suggestion-- DiCaprio<--- diaper
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the dandruff falls like snow.
posted by Hackworth at 10:07 PM on March 15, 2003

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