Sorry, eh?
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Canada apologizes to the USA (Real Video). What Colin Mockery does when he's not making stuff up on the fly.
posted by CrazyJub (12 comments total)
Anyone willing to post a non-real version it?
posted by FiveFrozenFish at 8:25 AM on March 16, 2003

I miss Rick Mercer. Still, quite funny, though not really much new here.
posted by Space Coyote at 8:51 AM on March 16, 2003

That's "Mochrie".
posted by mcwetboy at 8:59 AM on March 16, 2003

Much funnier as Colin Mockery.
posted by blue_beetle at 9:05 AM on March 16, 2003

Here is the text of his comment.
(It's mislabled "Rick Mercer", but corrected later by the snopes people.)
posted by grum@work at 9:20 AM on March 16, 2003

i found a rough transcript off the daily rant. this has been appearing in my inbox over the past few days.

us canadians are good at apologies.
posted by myopicman at 9:20 AM on March 16, 2003

ack! grum beat me. i'm sorry...
posted by myopicman at 9:21 AM on March 16, 2003

22 Minutes - Rick Mercer = Not Funny.
Mochrie has his moments on Whose Line, but he's an improv comic, not a satirist. Nothing comes close to Mercer's rants...
posted by krunk at 9:28 AM on March 16, 2003

If anybody has some server space where I can put the converted AVI file, let me know. It's pretty funny. "I'm sorry we burned down your White House in the War of 1812. I see you've rebuilt it. It looks very nice.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 10:49 AM on March 16, 2003

Hmph. No kind server donors, then? Well, I've put the video up on my slow-ass KaZaA connection. Feel free to download it; please share it so that others can find it. There are also a couple of Frontline and All Things Considered RealMedia-converted-to-a-useful-codec episodes that I'm serving. I thought the MeFi crew would appreciate them.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 1:02 PM on March 16, 2003

Comedy gold. Thanks.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 4:38 PM on March 16, 2003

i've got Civil_Disobedient's avi on for today if anyone wants to nab it. after that i'll be sharing it on kazaa, which i don't usually have open until late at night (9pm til 2am). filename is apology.avi and i've set the keywords to "colin mochrie apology to america this hour has 22 minutes"
posted by t r a c y at 12:36 PM on March 17, 2003

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