July 11, 2000
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I can still remember and old ER co-worker's comment when they wheeled in a completely paralyzed pt "they should just let him go" and apparently this guy acted on his belief with some carefully calculated criteria.
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If someone expresses their wish to be euthanised, due to extreme pain or loss of all life quality, that's one thing. But a wish to not be resuscitated is much different from a wish to be actively killed. This man took these patients' lives against their wishes. Murder, plain and simple, no different than if he'd pumped bullets into their brains.

I wouldn't touch a defendant like this with a twenty foot pole.
posted by Dreama at 8:14 PM on July 11, 2000

"Currie said the hospital worker told him some of the deaths were caused by lethal injections; others were caused by decreasing oxygen to patients on ventilators."Okay, so I agree that the lethal injections were active killing, which is not what the patients asked for, but decreasing the oxygen on a ventilator is pretty much the definition of resuscitation.
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