Braccelli's book
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"This vellum-bound curiosity is one of the rarest and most mysterious etching suites of the late Renaissance." Braccelli's fantastic drawings are excellent examples of early (early, early) surrealism. For higher quality images, try this link instead.
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Thank you for posting this.
posted by plexi at 1:21 PM on March 17, 2003

(I should have mentioned, via Giornale Nuovo, one of the best blogs on the net.)
posted by Pinwheel at 1:21 PM on March 17, 2003

That's it, Pinwheel, for the LAST TIME I will not come up and "see your etchings!"

Actually, very nice, thanks.
posted by Pollomacho at 1:27 PM on March 17, 2003

Wow. Thanks, Pinwheel - these are spectacular. I think I must have the cd. The $25.00 one, not the $250.00 one!
posted by iconomy at 1:35 PM on March 17, 2003

I was very excited to have this stuff brought to my attention again. I once came across this drawing:


in a book about mankind's early ambitions to create automatons, and liked it so much that I had it screen-printed onto a T-shirt. I didn't bother tracing the source at the time - now I know.
posted by Pinwheel at 1:35 PM on March 17, 2003

This is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you Pinwheel for posting this!

I knew about Bracelli but, stupidly, never took the time to actually look up his drawings. I wish I had but at least that has now been remedied. Thanks again.
posted by vacapinta at 2:20 PM on March 17, 2003

Cool. Thankee, Pinwheel.
posted by taz at 2:43 PM on March 17, 2003

Hey, guess what - Giornale Nuovo is from our misteraitch! I love misteraitch!
posted by taz at 2:54 PM on March 17, 2003

very cool. And thanks for the second link.

I have to say that first link displays some of the very worst interface design I've seen in quite a while...
posted by delmoi at 3:35 PM on March 17, 2003

OK, I'll pile on. I love both the Braccelli and Giornale Nuovo. But I wish the Library of Congress site had hi-res scans of just the etchings and not not wasted bandwidth on all that blank vellum. Thanks pinwheel.
posted by gametone at 3:47 PM on March 17, 2003

This is wonderful, thanks Pinwheel!
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I was trying to think of what these drawings reminded me of. Its not just De Chirico's mannequins. The wild anthropomorphic forms actually remind me of the work of the Polish artist Daniel Mroz who is more well-known as an illustrator for many books by Stanislaw Lem.
posted by vacapinta at 5:45 PM on March 17, 2003

The Mroz link is great, vacapinta, plus he has a drawing of eyeballkid.
posted by taz at 11:31 PM on March 17, 2003

Thanks for the kind words, people & thanks to vacapinta for the Mroz link: very interesting.
posted by misteraitch at 12:06 AM on March 18, 2003

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