exploring the abandoned
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Explore the abandoned - all things we build must pass into an inevitable and steady deterioration. Thanks to those who chronicle civilization's entropy and put it on the web, because it's mad fun to watch.
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Thanks for reminding me of this site with its beguiling images and marvelous prose. But what's up with the urbanadventures site? Count me among the naive, but who are all these hackers? I can understand why one might wish to mess with government/corporate sites, but...?!
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ah, 1/2 double post. the web is a small place on mefi.
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I imagine that he's interpreting the amazing amount of Klez and Red Alert automated attacks out there (still) as intelligent hack attempts. They're certainly coordinated enough. If you've got a popular website, you can get by a number of these, even if you have no chance of being infected (i.e. you're under the IIS lockdown tool, or you're non-Windows).
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Don't forget the incredible abandoned places website, which really evokes the beauty of these modern ruins.
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Ruins and Urban Exploration Links [self link]
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Ariadne, I have really enjoyed your links page, and in the past have filched quite a few links from there... I miss your weblog too. ;)
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all things we build must pass into an inevitable and steady deterioration

Must...resist...urge...to quote...Kansas lyrics!
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Some people don't explore ruins for just the fun.
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Cool page, squant. And the hospital section of the darkpassages site was particularly spooky (especially the faded Donald Duck picture).
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