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Nearly 4 years ago, Seti@Home project started.Today, thanks to millions of CPU and loyal users, after picking 200 interesting signals out of a few billions, they have started rescanning the most interesting ones at Araceibo. One step closer to ET.
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Computers are one of mankinds greatest developments and the first large scale computer project ever built is an Alien Probe.
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The BBC has a piece about this too. I've got my fingers crossed!

Somewhat oddly the BBC piece says that SETI researchers will be re-observing "about 150" candidates, and the Planetary society says it's "between 100 and 200". They start today, so you'd think they'd have a precise number.

By the way, is there a MeFi group of Seti@Home participants?
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Not that I know of Songdog...I have a group that consists of just me under my addy if anyone wants to join.
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Nearly 4 years ago, I registered for the Seti@Home project. Last week I finally got off my lazy ass, managed to look up my account password, and fired up 3 machines at home to start running it.

I've gone from 0 work units (in all of 3-odd years, ha ha) up to 14 so far, steadily rising up among the bottom rankers of my chosen team.

feel sorta bad that I could have been churning out work units the entire time; then again not too long ago when they adjusted the work unit quanta, they managed to throw out a whole raftload of work units that a friend of mine had done while he was the admin of a rather large university lab in a rather large Massachusetts city, heh.
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I did a lot of work at the beginning of SETI@home. I started the Yahoo club (which I can't even visit without a Yahoo ID anymore), helped optimise a lot of people's installations, found some great upgrades, but utimately fell so far behind in the processing stakes that I stopped running the client.

I started it up again about a week ago. What made it possible, believe it or not, was my purchase of an Apple iPod that now handles all my MP3 playback, taking quite a large load off my CPU and making it worth running the S@h client again.

Now I just need a PC that runs for more hours of the day...
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There are some comments about this at K5, too.
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