Dogs in funny hats
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Just Nuisance, Able Seaman. The only canine enlisted in the Royal Navy, Just Nuisance served from 1939 to 1944 in Simon's Town, South Africa (on his papers his occupation was listed as 'Bone Crusher' and his religion 'Canine Divinity League [Anti-Vivisection]'). Providing a great source of morale to sailors stationed there he would escort them on train trips and make sure they made it back to base after a night on the town. Of course being a sailor himself he was privy to a few brushes with the law as well by traveling on the railways without a pass (punishment: Confined to the banks of Froggy Pond, Lily Pool, with all lamp posts removed) or sleeping on an Officer's bed (punishment: Deprived of bones for seven days.). Married, and survived by five children, on his death he was afforded a funeral with full military colours. You can read his biography (which spawned a television series), or merely pay respects at his statue next time you're in Simon's Town.
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Yes, but did he have dog tags? (ducks)

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Sleeping with the mates and all the benefits of a full ranking ensign! What a dog's life. An enviable life for even a human. If all he was there for was to make war with the other ship's mascots i'd say its barbaric. Maybe even cruel; however, it's in war time. His post war exploits are better for a dog. haha I would not believee it without the pictures. Not really anything we care about here though. off to war. Modern times we enlist real women. ehehe
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A dog PoW named Judy, from the Vancouver Sun
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