The Fatal Salient: letters and paintings of Harold Sandys Williamson
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The Fatal Salient. The First World War remembered; the letters and paintings of one of the participants, Harold Sandys Williamson. This and more via The Imperial War Museum's online exhibitions. [more inside]
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Christmas at War.
Together, a look at the WW2 contribution of African, Asian and Caribbean men and women.
The Spanish Civil War: Dreams and Nightmares.
Greenham Common:The Women's Peace Camp, the 19-year anti-nuclear protest.
Mervyn Peake: The War Drawings.
Diary of a War Artist during WW2.

... Much more.
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I browsed through the Fatal Salient over lunch, it was a very moving collection of letters and paintings. It reminds me that regardless of your views on the upcoming war that there are soldiers who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us.
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I happened upon these collections a little while ago, looking up Mervyn Peake's work on-line, & was particularly struck by Williamson's art - it seems a shame that his pictures aren't nearly as widely known as, say, Wilfred Owen's war poems.
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Beautiful, melancholy, and compelling post, plep. Thanks.
posted by hama7 at 3:27 AM on March 20, 2003

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