If the USA loses
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So you're tired of hearing about the war, eh? Me too, but you have to have some concern over what would happen if the USA loses. I bet you Saddam's first move as president would be to ban photoshop.
posted by hidely (15 comments total)
Actually I bet his first move would be to hire Karl Rove to work on his image.
posted by Space Coyote at 1:08 PM on March 19, 2003

Not wanting to get "newsfilter" shouts aimed at me, I'll place this here as it may be the least inappropriate place to do so: apparently fighting has already begun, well ahead of schedule, in the DMZ at least if not in Iraq proper.
posted by luriete at 1:11 PM on March 19, 2003

Nice photoshopping. "Sheik Yerbouti" Heh.
posted by ColdChef at 1:30 PM on March 19, 2003

Saddam will reign for a term - then eight years later you'll get the stupidest of his sons in the Oval Office. Who knows where that will end.
posted by orange swan at 1:39 PM on March 19, 2003

My god. I think I'm scarred for life. If anyone else wants to preserve their sanity, I suggest not scrolling down past 2 or 3 of the pictures.
posted by gyc at 2:02 PM on March 19, 2003

This is just silly. I'm sick of the war stuff too, but this doesn't count as a diversion. However, a post about Morrissey's popularity among L.A. latinos that degenerates into an argument about the merits of The Smiths.....
posted by jlynford2 at 2:20 PM on March 19, 2003

I think it just shows how much the population misunderstands what Iraq / Saddam Hussein stands for. This is not the Taliban - no Burqas involved, so a lot of the photoshops just don't make sense in the context (maybe they were just recycled from the last conflict).
posted by Jimbob at 2:44 PM on March 19, 2003

Hate to break it to you, Jimbob, but a lotta folks really are that misinformed, ignorant, and silly. That's why we're going to war with Iraq.

Regardless, I enjoyed some of these pictures immensely. But I have a question for hidely. Did you mean for the first two links to point to the same files, or is there some more photoshoppy goodness I'm missing out on?
posted by Wulfgar! at 2:57 PM on March 19, 2003

While I admire the mad p-shop skillz, the level of satire is abysmal, never rising above the "stupid towelheads" level.
posted by signal at 3:03 PM on March 19, 2003

needing a diversion? hmm. i guess i could repost that movie line thread.
posted by grabbingsand at 3:11 PM on March 19, 2003

Are these stage two or stage three? Well (sadly), either way, only 5 or 6 left. (With thx to dhartung for the link from here.)
posted by limitedpie at 3:45 PM on March 19, 2003

It's so sad that all this war is a diversion - a "newsfilter" thing, an annoyance. It just goes to show how disconnected we all feel from this.
posted by xammerboy at 4:17 PM on March 19, 2003

Along the lines of "the U.S. losing", the Christian Science Monitor has a piece on how Saddam intends to make that happen.
posted by gsteff at 4:20 PM on March 19, 2003

In war, there is no victor.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 4:41 PM on March 19, 2003

It's sad that such a great link can have been passed over for political commentary. These were great, hidely, thanks!
posted by grrarrgh00 at 11:28 AM on March 22, 2003

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