GI Easter Bunny Baskets
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GI Easter Bunny Baskets "The biggest oxymoron going on now is war toys," folksinger Utah Philipps said. "What is war? War is sticking a bayonet into people, we've been through all of this. It's the most awful thing that can happen. And what is a toy? A toy is to have fun with, to amuse yourself. Why are we telling our children that you can have fun with war?. . ."
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the same reason we tell them things like 'work hard, be honest, do the right thing and you'll get ahead' and 'policemen are your friends' and 'you could grow up to be president someday'. because we are insane liars.
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Bah, let them have their toys. On the other hand, I kind of see the point...I'm finding it a little odd playing C&C Generals at the moment...
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Speaking of army men and war, makes me think how many of the navy nuclear operators are prone to 'seeding' their ships with army men: in panels, on top of piping, under circuit breakers. The theory is that they fight gremlins. Sure enough, when someone starts taking away the army men, stuff breaks until they are returned.
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Bunnies for peace in New York City!
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On one hand, I think Utah Phillips rocks as a social critic, and his point is well-taken.

On the other hand, battle, at least metaphorical, and often literal, is a part of life.

I'm ambivalent, but associating war toys with Easter or Christmas is definitely across the line.
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associating war toys with Easter or Christmas is definitely across the line.

What Would Jesus Kill?
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The smell of smoke hanging thick over funland
As the older toys are pushed down a ramp
The microchip master race are melting them down
In a dolly concentration camp
The world's gone mad but in miniature
The kids can only do what they feel
See them copy what their parents have done
'Til they're old enough to do it for real

XTC, "Toys"
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This thread and the XTC lyrics remind me of the Lego concentration camps that a Polish artist put together.

Also, there was a good article in the Village Voice about the Easter baskets a few weeks ago.
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Already discussed here.
posted by orange swan at 7:43 AM on March 21, 2003

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