Manipulating Minds: The Psychological War on Iraq
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Manipulating Minds: The Psychological War on Iraq. Battles are won on different fronts, but influencing an opposition is a critical part of any campaign. By manipulating an enemy's fears and desires, victory can be achieved. The "weapons of mass persuasion" are the tools of a different kind of warfare: psychological operations. (Full screen presentation in Flash) From CBC Radio One.
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poor thread, you have no comments. here, I will give you one.
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I liked the "Frozen Out" feature, also part of the "Web One" series.
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Excellent link — especially if you speak Arabic! I wish the Arabic text was visible for more than a few seconds. The psyops campaign in Kosovo was marred by poor translation that left the Serbs laughing up their sleeves. MSNBC is covering this angle today as well, and FAIR is calling network news coverage "a megaphone for official views." Surprise surprise. The alarming development is the promise to the Ba'athist military establishment that they'll "have a part in a free Iraq" if they give up the man Saddam. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?
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The Central Command information warfare bureau is here, by the way.
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