Great Iraq Conflict Coverage Gallery
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Great Iraq Conflict Coverage Gallery A link-filled listing of war blogs (dealing with Iraq war), maps, embedded jopurnalists' reports...nice one-stop source.
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Shouldn't that link go to MetaFilter?
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Postroad, good link for news junkies.

There's also a great list of Iraq coverage resources at Poynter. Anytime there is a big news event, I turn to this site for a list of journalist resources. Also, Romanesko can be interesting in terms of media critiques, gossip and coverage analysis.
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Iraq Journal, found on this site, is a picture/audio NYT piece by an English reporter who has been in Iraq for a while and provides a glimpse into what Iraq is really like. He makes a direct comparison to 1930s Germany and says Saddam has plans not only for Middle East domination but on a world-wide scale. It's interesting to see the pictures of how the Iraq upper-class live surrounded in wealth and barb wire and one can begin to imagine how these people would think like that.
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