The Geneva Conventions in full
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Since what is and is not a violation of the Geneva Conventions is a subject of some discussion as a result of today's news, this collection of the complete texts of the Geneva Conventions (as well as other treaties) should be a useful reference. Of particular relevance is the Third Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.
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From the third convention:
Art. 72.Prisoners of war shall be allowed to receive by post or by any other means individual parcels or collective shipments containing, in particular, foodstuffs, clothing, medical supplies and articles of a religious, educational or recreational character which may meet their needs, including books, devotional articles, scientific equipment, examination papers, musical instruments, sports outfits and materials allowing prisoners of war to pursue their studies or their cultural activities.
International law is the greatest.
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Yes. And the U.S. is doing all it can to treat P.O.W.s by this law?

What the hell happened to those unlawful combatants of Afghanistan?
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Art. 60. The Detaining Power shall grant all prisoners of war a monthly advance of pay, the amount of which shall be fixed by conversion, into the currency of the said Power, of the following amounts:

Category I : Prisoners ranking below sergeants: eight Swiss francs.

Are they serious!?!
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We don't need facts, we need comical movie bits by some obese has-been jerk propagandist.
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"Rules for waging war"
That's gotta be an oxymoron.
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